Established in 2015, MPE is business and investment advisory firm poised to become one of the leading professional service providers in Addis Ababa, for Ethiopian and foreign firms alike. Our consultants are highly qualified and experience in both the local and international market. Our expertise areas range from agriculture, manufacturing to service sectors with expert finance, accounting, quality and standards, project management, engineering and sales consultants. Our seamless integration of values, approach and industry knowledge enable us to provide comprehensive services in growth strategy advisory and planning, business development and assessment reviews.         

Our Core Values  

Client centricity

It our engagement philosophy for tailor made services. Our practices are entrenched in collaboration, integrity and honesty and we are respectful or the intrinsic values of each company and team.

Professional excellence

We deliver our service with the outmost professionalism. Our quality standard is not based on size or reputation of our clients, it is our core value as it defines who we are. 

Holistic approach

We address unique, specific challenges for our clients but our approach and solutions are holistic in that we look at the company, the industry, the macroeconomic and international context.

Accuracy and clarity

We don’t promise the moon, we provide clear advice and recommendations, outline risks and potential challenges along with their potential mitigation strategies. We provide scenarios to guide managers in accurate decision making processes.


We don’t just hand in a report and call it a day, we follow up, and we monitor progress. We seek long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. 


Market place Ethiopia is your trusted partner for investment advisory, business development, growth strategy and more. 


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